For 3 years, my father has held out an olive branch to the CPSO, while providing overwhelming evidence of their failures and scientific inaccuracies. Clearly they have chosen which side of history they stand on. They have insulted my family, and are responsible for the death, trauma, and injuries of countless Ontarian people. They have dragged out their kangaroo court over my father for as long as possible, but now it´s time for real courts... They have never had anyone stand up to them like this before; they prodded the wrong bear.

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At least you saw them coming, lo those years ago, and positioned yourself for this battle. Your leadership is very inspirational to me, as is your wisdom and that of your council. Best from Oregon

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I am sorry you have to face this news. News like this is also a signpost for an opportunity. Perhaps it is a sign that you are to be involved in the development of a parallel health care system that we so desperately need ... have needed for at least a couple of decades.

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just wondering why was the CPSO created in the first place....i'm 80 my dad was an obgyn and surgeon both general and plastic

he would be livid at what is going on today in the Health/Medical world, big fn fat Pharma....I cannot and no longer have trust in the

doctors who are bowing to the status quo.....if they had collective Guts this bullshiite would have been stopped! Who in hell does the

CPSO really represent sure as hell not the doctors they seem to be terrified of their COLLEGE!

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Stripping Mark of his license is a politically motivated ruling. It is a flagrant abuse of power. But it does reflects the prevailing rule of law, MIGHT IS RIGHT.

As Mark rightfully acknowledges, we are in a war. But we will never win it as long as we persist in fighting with a peace time mindset, as we seem intent on doing now. It's time to adopt a wartime mindset which speaks to large-scale organization and mobilization across the world. To keep this short, we must eliminate the cabal and it's entrenched global network. That is not about violence but rather about drastically changing our tactics and playing to our only strength - our numbers. We are in a numbers war. No large scale numbers, no results.

EDIT - Mark and Ted just posted another list of Wins of the Week. Only paying members can post comments.

No one will be held accountable for any of the items on their list of wins-of-the-week. The cabal that rules this world does not give a rats ass about the issues on the these lists because those issues are simply distractions the cabal has engineered to keep us peons running on a treadmill going nowhere. The problem for us is that we have so many people like Mark and Ted that seem unwilling or unable to see this. They foolishly persist in trying to fight a war with a peacetime mindset where everyone does what they want, when they want and even if they want. To compound this serious problem most of us don't know how to fight, where to fight and what to fight. This is what comes with a peacetime mindset and no organizational infrastructure. If Mark and Ted understood the rule of law is MIGHT IS RIGHT then they would also understand how ridiculous and meaningless their wins-of-the-week are.


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"...Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter...woe to those who aquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent... as tonguest of fire lick up straw and as dry grass sinks down in the flames, so their root will decay.. Isaiah 5: 20-24.

Be encouraged as no one can curse who God has blessed. Dr. Trozzi, you are blessed and chosen by God to stand against the forces of darkness and you are going to be victorious because God is fighting your battle, even when it does not appear to be evident. The CPSO is a disgrace, inflicting moral injury on you by demaning that you lie, deceive your patients, help in the murder of canadians and act against your good moral and professional values to do no harm. They will come to disgrace in time, stay strong, good and faithful servant.

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Dr. Mark Trozzi you are amazing! Im sorry you are tired, want to rest, go fishing, have fun but can t cause this fight continues with this corruption with government, College of Physicians etc..

We pray for you, your continued health and strength and desire to sort of this thru to justice.

We love you.

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Where are the POLICE to ARESST Nancy Whitemore and the rest of these REPTILES in charge of the DEATH CULT here in CHINADA??

This should be our only conversation.

Absolutel COMMUNISM being installed right in front of our population and half have zero clue.

Human nature may kick in soon if cops don't do their job of PROTECTING WE THE PEOPLE .

Lots and lots of very very pissed off folks here in CHINADA.

You Dr Mark are a hero.

God bless you 🙏

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Oh, I am heartbroken for you and your patients and all of us who follow and trust you. The Evil seems to be winning, but it will fail eventually. How do those people making the bone headed, deadly decisions look in the mirror? Take care of your brave and truthful soul and spirit. I am so sorry, and so angry. We support you.

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Dr. Trozzi is a Canadian hero. The Ontario medical board are an evil group of criminals that will ultimately be tried by a REAL court and easily found guilty of ethical abuse and hopefully made to compensate Dr. Trozzi for his losses out of their own pocket.

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Sometime in the last 10-15 years, there was a doctor in I believe Windsor, Ontario who performed a mastectomy on a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The problem was the woman never had breast cancer and was in fact healthy. Did anyone in this case lose their license? No, I don't remember their being much of any action against the doctor and certainly no 're-education' as Dr. Peterson is facing. It's an upside down world.

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God Comes First. Dr. Trozzi and those who are in the Freedom Movement, have chosen to be in God's Image.

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You are not standing alone. There is a plethora of women and men who see thru their LIES. You are a beacon of light, Dr. Trozzi, and it is your resilience to their persecutions of your ethics is what is really on the line. Stay strong, we are all warriors in this fight for our very own human survival that is not genetically modified :)

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Your courage to expose the corruption and seek the truth is beyond admirable. I pray the day will come when you will see your sacrifice is acknowledged by all Canadians.

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As much as this is wrong, it is a badge of honour!! You are awesome Dr Trozzi!!!!! Stay strong, carry on and fuck'em. Leave them in your rear view!!

I don't say this as someone who hasn't lost in the last few years. I too have battled stupidity and complicity. Lost a pension and a job and have had to go against all my friends and family. I was out of work for close to 2 years and am just now getting back on my feet. It was and is awesome.

Your spirit is everything, materialism comes and goes. Fear is your best friend--just don't ignore it lol.

Much Love!!!!!!

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