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Dr. T: this is jam-packed with good information! I love your new format that is so well-organized and easy to follow.

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Milei is a trap, and his speech at the WEF is complete bait, false hero worship. He would be dead already if he wasn't so useful to the Cabal.

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Thank you for the good news and for all you do

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This is wonderful that are vaccines are being looked at. Is anyone looking at the first injection a baby gets after being born in a Western hospital. The supposed Vit K

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One of our Canadian heroes who's sacrificed the (seeming) security of the prevailing medical -legal system that is actually undermining everything we used to count on. Mark Trozzi deserves our support . I say to him, Thank you with all my heart on behalf of my children and grandchildren...

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Thank you for what you do Dr. T!!

we need you and more!

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FYI-""In fact, science is so amazing that it has already predicted both a “heart failure pandemic”

and a “cancer pandemic”. But fear not, because Pfizer has just become the largest oncology

company in the world, capable of treating most turbo cancers caused by mRNA vaccines

when it bought Seagen, a small drug company that treats turbo cancers and barely makes

$2 billion per year for $43 billion. And, it just made a major $6.7 billion cash acquisition of

Arena Pharmaceuticals, a firm specializing in developing treatments, particularly for heart

inflammation conditions like myocarditis and pericarditis."

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Thank you. This is wonderful information and our wonderful teams of truthtellers are heroes to free thinkers everywhere.

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FABULOUS report!

As President Trump has stated, "There will be so much winning, The People will say stop, we can't take any more winning!"

The wheels of Justice may be slow to turn, but when they do, they ARE mighty! We just need a justice system that isn't systemically corrupt! (PS. That IS coming!!) Darkness cannot exist, even with just the striking of one lone match. The way I figure it, with what I KNOW, the torch about to transcend upon the deep dark corners is comparable to the sun (SON!). Tis truly gonna be Biblical. Kinda makes one giggle when one thinks of how MANY think to hide from it in their underground mansion bunkers. Speaking of that, any more news on Trudy's "barn?"😉😎

As for Alberta, it REALLY is the place to be!😉

TIMING is everything!!

I noticed your comment on Il Donaldo Trumpo's post regarding Kevin Roberts speech at davos. May I present to you The Take Down of the Cabal? It is well worth the watch, indeed!


The Plan was being put in place by JFK and immediately went into overdrive after the his assassination. (PS. not everything is at it seems)

His mistake? He came at them head on.

It failed, again, with Reagan.

It truly came together again as soon as the Right Man accepted the gargantuan task.

He had to be an outsider.

He had to be beholden to NO ONE.

He had to be smart, as in 5-D chess smart.

And he had to be one who COULD TAKE the slings and arrows that definitely would be coming his way.

His Power would BE - GOD, his Family, The People, The Truth, The Military. Full Stop.

On that note, Military Laws and Orders came BEFORE govn't in America, set up that way by the Founding Fathers, who had just come through the civil war, who knew the dirty deeds and control measures being exerted by the British. Hence, the powerful 2A - SHALL NOT INFRINGE UPON THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS - any and all arms, and not for hunting!!

The above video will clearly show WHY [they] hate/fear him SO much!!

The following video will outline and detail the Devolution Plan, using EO's, COG, and Military Laws and Orders.

*Aside: where the hell did Trudy get the word "devolution" from when he was grifting the largest land transfer in Nunavut to the people who already had the land to begin with just recently? Almost fell off my chair with that one!! Definitely laughed, out loud and everything! Anyhoo...


Again Dr. Trozzi, TIMING is everything.

One bad move, one move too soon, one wrong turn - and all of it, since 1963, would have been for naught.

ALL of it.

The Plan isn't just to take out a few bad actors in any certain country, it's to take them ALL out in EVERY country!

THE TEAM has been literally been dealing with a million webs inside a hundred bigger webs of THE WEB of deception, which began millennia ago.

THE TEAM has done EVERYTHING in their power to limit the loss of life. EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!!

Full disclosure will come, in due time.

Never forget, the WAR is REAL, the news is fake.

In any war, there are always casualties. That's the sad fact of the matter.

The cabal, the criminal syndicate, the deep state, the shadow govn'ts, the entire shit show of controllers hell bent on global slavery and planned depopulation KNOW what's coming.

And like any cornered animal fighting for their very life, [their] panic is rising exponentially and rapidly, which in turn, will force them to do really stupid things. All ya gotta do is watch [them] to see this.

The GREATEST THREAT, as per van der lyin' at davos, is not climate change, not disease x, not anything other than >> mis. dis, mal information. If one recalls, clout swab said the incoming massive cyber attack is going to be bigger than the beer flu. (WHY did the movie "The World Left Behind" come out when it did???) Be prepared for communication black outs. Considering the entirety of the internet, as we know it, is contained at the bottom of the oceans/seas in massive cables of fibre optics, how hard would it be for [them] to pull the 'kill switch' on it? (Think NordStream here).

Kinda makes one ponder ever more deeply upon Musk, Space Force, StarLink, rockets, etc., and the millions of satellites, eh.😉😎

With the WW Patriots > Warriors, Doctors, Scientists, Constitutional Lawyers, Truth Tellers, and Fact Finders, WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE winning. And WE have the WW Greatest Team behind us, before us, beside us, leading us.


Going back to TIMING is everything one more time, this time concerning The People, a point NEEDS to be made here. Considering how much and for how long The People have been dumbed down, blinded, brainwashed, and lied to...I will compare it to a person who has been blindfolded all of their life. When one brings this person into the sunlight, do they rip the blindfold off all at once? Or do they take it off slowly so the person can adjust to the amount of sunlight being let into their eyes?

*Tips hat


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Dr. T, fyi, on your actual website, the internet devils have removed the scroll bar, it requires a reload of the page to be able to scroll down. This happens repeatedly. This is also happening on Mark Crispin Millers website, so you are in 'good company'. I thought it was Substacks doing, but it is obviously coming from the puppet handlers. Reload, indeed.

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I love your interview and all that you do....I see how 'power to the people' can be taken from us under the guise of wanting appear 'safe and secure'. Nothing in life is safe and secure...except TRUTH.

Even that hurts...necessary for growth or evolvement...I think that is slowly happening....we are responsible...the government and powers behind them are just evil...taking what they can...they are lacking love. 'Whats love got to do with it'? sang Tina Turner. Exactly. Let us examine that..the lack of wholesome awareness and real care for one another. We need to 'knit' together as much as WE CAN AND INFORM ONE ANOTHER. The GOVERNMENT ONLY INFORMS US WITH WHAT THEY THINK IS GOOD ENOUGH TO CONTROL US. Look at the propaganda folks! Have a heart and let us knit together...a pair of arms, legs with heart and soul.

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I really enjoys this. Keep up the great work! Here is, IMHO another win of the week: (Strong language warning)

Part1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2VZyY2ENts

Part2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tghavzp2sbc

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The rule of law is MIGHT IS RIGHT. We see that everywhere; in Ukraine, in Palestine, in a toothless united nations, with all western nations working in lock-step on all major issues where it is clear they are all controlled by a hidden hand, pharmaceutical companies that have murdered and killed millions and yet continue to have full impunity, complete regulatory capture in all countries. The Coutts boys (Chris Lysak, Tony Olienick, Jerry Morin, Chris Carbert) are political prisons in Canada held without bail for over 660 days. In Canada, all but hardened criminals get bail. No one on your wins-of-the-week list will be held accountable. Everywhere we look, the only rule is MIGHT IS RIGHT.

The cabal that rules this world does not care about the issues on your wins-of-the-week list. Those issues are simply distractions that keep us little people running on a tread wheel going to nowhere. You foolishly persist in trying to fight a war with a peacetime mindset. If you understood the rule of law is MIGHT IS RIGHT then you would would understand how ridiculous and meaningless your wins-of-the-week are.

Ian Bell



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