It's so good to catch wind of some of the good things that are happening in the world. I think media tends to focus on the negative items so much because it gets more attention, but positive change is equally as important.

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Yes, in the expose news article, see the fifth paragraph where the link is to the data source. Thanks

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We are 100% CCP/WEF infiltrated yDr Trozzi and your family are heroes here and around the world.

I'm in Scarborough Ontario CHINADA and grew up in Southern Ontario.

I'm 68 and now watch my parents both still here at 90 and 91 who were prisoners of the Germans as children from 1939 to 1945.

Mom is not all there but still knows who I am and Dad finally realized the NATZIS are still trying to control our world.

He was harassed with my older brother at Bowmanville hospital last week for not wearing a diaper on his face and simply told the young nurse who lectured them to FO and shut up.

They were there for Mom who now has blood clots.

Yes she got 3 cupcakes and it really diminished her and Dad got 3 also which diminished him also.

These are strong tough folks who may have had a shot at hitting 100.

Not any more.

So again thanks Dr Mark for your warrior spirit

Lots of out here helping where we can.

I distribute 100s Druthers papers monthly and harass clinics.

EXPOSURE EXPOSURE EXPOSURE is the game until we see some ARESSTS of one of the REPTILE BRAIN BOUGHT OFF GLOBALIST WHORES shilling for Klausy and Billy.

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What a wonderful post! Finally, a bit of levity. Whew.

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thank you gentlemen for ALL the work you have done and continue to do!! God Bless!

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My guess is that the MS Med.ia (CTV) is being forced to comply with the people who have been injured; physically, emotionally or financially since so many "Sponsors" are bailing out. They need PEOPLE!!! With-out the people and funding, they're finished. Thank-you Dr Mark Trozzi and Ted Kuntz. God Bless you for all the work you both have done for all of us.


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Thank you to you and your colleagues for your unrelenting pursuit for truth and justice. You are watchmen on the wall!

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Everyday people, those of us who actually form the basis of our society, must do whatever we can - in every aspect of our lives - to resist the depredations of the elites whose goal is our submission and obedience. Lies cannot be maintained forever: those surrounding every aspect of the 'pandemic' and the ruinous vaccines are beginning to weaken and fall apart. Fauci's complicity in the sham - combined with his shameful testimony (100 'can't remember/don't recall responses) will ultimately topple him from his previous 'savior' status to that of mass murderer.

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Happy to see you here on Substack!

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HOPE for Today - GOD bless you Dr. Trozzi for being a true medical TRUTH Warrior ...

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Regarding those profiting from the experiment in the knowledge they were impoverishing/sickening/crippling/maiming/killing people, isn't it basic under any sane law that such criminals must not be enabled to profit in any manner from crimes, let alone murders?

Shouldn't asset-stripping the profiteers, toward the alleviation of what CAN be alleviated of the damage these perps have profitably done/knowingly invested in, be an obvious and automatic process to follow, in sentencing?


I gather that the problem with various judges, even within the Canadian Supreme Court, some apparently being unaware of Canadian Constitutional and many other domestic and international protections forming the supreme and forever-standing democratic (self-ruled of/by/for the people, with all equal under rights-protective law) basis of Canadian law may, I've read, perhaps lie in the Prime Minister (in this case, Monster Minion) Trudeau's apparently somehow being able to select and control such appointments without regard for any real qualifications, in serving WEF, et al., agendas and self-interests, at and to the public cost.

If our judges all knew and respected the principles of Canadian Constitutional/Charter, etc. law, this illegal take-over attempt -

(using WEF-trained traitorous 'Young Global Leaders/Shapers', etc. fellow-citizens (in this manner, infiltrating governments around the globe to terrorise, bankrupt and destroy all countries/societies, not only Canada,) attempting to destroy the very concepts of human rights, of sanity/reality, of democracy and civilisation, while pretending the perps can 'legally' make secretive private agreements between themselves to hand over their countries, fellow-citizens, all their rights and property and all resources, to a hostile foreign self-interest group)

- would have been recognised as a crime in progress, dismantled and the perps imprisoned long since.

Apart from anything else, one can't give away what belongs not to oneself but to others, (such as human rights, democracy or property of any kind, including public funding/public property or the powers of any public office publicly funded to serve the public interest) or pretend that anyone - never mind everyone but the (still-currently useful among the) perps themselves - can be legally bound into abject slavery by any (illegal) agreement, treaty or contract - to which the intended victims have not even been made party - merely because the dispossession of all citizens was plotted as a secretive criminal conspiracy between a relative few and labelled in some manner intended to misrepresent Crimes Against Humanity as something somehow being 'legally binding international law' on others having no idea of any of this but expected to submit to all manner of abuses and suffering, as befits fungible slaves belonging to psychopaths.

NONE of this imposed destructive lunacy was/is legal - and only psychopathic criminals would regard any real emergency as an excuse to prey upon and abuse the inherent rights of others thereby made more vulnerable.

That's not 'aid' or 'public health' - that's predatory parasitism.

But the lawless gaining public office will, of course, select their own ilk for any/all public offices/department heads acting for their/their overlords own purposes, in acting against the country and their targeted fellow-citizens.

That's a good part of what the perps at that level took public office under false pretences for, to corrupt the lot, from the top down, and to try to warp public perceptions into compliance with a 'New Abynormal'.*

Our public service was never publicly-funded to profit or 'belong to' any fellow-citizen publicly salaried to serve the public interest - and definitely NOT to be served up by traitors on a platter to those who would destroy us.

We need to get every member of the W(arped) E(gotistical) F(anatics) out of all public positions NOW - and begin to sue the terrorist-member-headed WHO into oblivion. For starters.

*Reference: video clip - 1:36


Abby normal scene


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Thank you so much for sharing this news with everyone. While we will continue to fight for freedom and truth, we remain grateful to both of you (Dr. Trozzi and Ted Kuntz) and to everyone who is brave enough to speak out on behalf of humanity. It is making a real difference in our lives. You are the heroes! "Know the truth and it will set you free."

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Great to see you're on substack! And thanks for reporting the 'wins'. It's very encouraging to hear some good news and I do mean very.

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The first thing these are not vaccines they are a experimental drug.

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Why do the links go to other websites and not the actual data, the U.K. deaths one doesn’t go to the actual data. Misleading, we need facts.

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Dr. Trozzi, this comment is different from the responses - I want to know honestly since you are a Doctor...what is the cure for cancer. So many are dying and then they get the radition/chemo, that is just not a good medicine...Why is the cure for cancer not been solved. Then we are misled by the Canadian cancer society 'cure for cancer'...when will it be realized!

I'm tired of poor people getting massive surgeries then the toxins to supposedly 'cure' them, however that is poison !!

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